About me

I am an experimental cosmologist studying the Cosmic Microwave Background, the glowing remnant of the Big Bang, searching for clues as to the origins of our Universe.  I have done design, testing, integration, and data analysis for the the BICEP1 and BICEP2 microwave telescopes located at the South Pole, which may have found hints of the imprint of gravitational waves created during Inflation, the exponential expansion of our early Universe some 10-36 seconds after the Big Bang.  This exponential expansion created a viable Universe and planted the seeds for all the stars and galaxies that we see today.

I currently work as a postdoc for Professor Brian Keating at UCSD with the BICEP2 and POLARBEAR telescopes.



PhD in physics from University of California, San Diego – 2014

M.S. in physics from University of California, San Diego – 2009

B.S. in physics with a concentration in astrophysics from Carnegie Mellon University – 2007